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Is it possible to manage the new posts sections so that I can restrict it so that I only see posts froms certain sections of the forum. For example is there a way to hide posts from the list from the SEO sections and the PHP sections. Just wondered

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Cosgrove Hall was an amazing place and I had the great honour of going round it a few years ago and met some incredible artists and animators.
Sad that is has now gone to the wall and is no more :frowning:

Pretty sure you cant, interesting idea though :tup:

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Love the avatar! Cosgrove Hall was awesome in its prime!

I would definitely find it useful, maybe if its not possible it may be worth considering as part of any future upgrade. Not sure if it is possible as part of the overall vbulletin set up, but if it isn’t possible it should be.

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It brings back some happy childhood memories (it was a toss up between that an Chorlton), didn’t know about Cosgrave Hall though http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cosgrove_Hall_Films wow there are some real classics in that list :slight_smile: