Hide item product on Shop page

Hi all,

Here is my Squarespace website:

Password is to access it is: 1234

Whenever I add a product from my Inventory, the item appears automatically on my Shop page with and image and the price, as you can see a screenshot: https://ibb.co/TwZ5TZ8
(you can see it on the bottom on the page)

I would like to hide it from the page and to only keep the “add to cart” button of the product added. Because to show the product I am selling on the site, I am already using a gallery of image and custom element of description. I cannot put it as “hidden” from the inventory of Squarespace; otherwise I will not see at all the “add to cart” button anymore.

How I can hide the items elements (product title, image, price…see from my screenshot) and only keep the purchase button of a product? Any custom code to help me?

Thanks a lot in advance!

I actually found a very simple way:
I was using a “Shop” page. I created a new basic page and inserted the products with only “add to cart button”. I can still use a gallery of images to display the products :wink:


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