Hide information on the URL bar & the Explorer tab

I have a question, which is asked from my client.

"When browsing on any of our storefronts, the URL bar shows the full
string of where the shopper is on the site, and the Explorer tab shows
the HTML commands pertaining to the category description.

Is there a way to disguise, hide, or shorten this information. It does
not look good and does not feel very secure…"

Can anybody provide some information on this?


If your URLs are complicated you could probably abstract them with mod_rewrite if you analyse the URL scheme.

Other (hackish) options would be frames or iframes.

However, saying that it it doesn’t look secure to know what URL a user is on is rather silly, unless your URLs contain insecure information or allow attacks such as XSS. If that is the case, the application needs work, and trying to hide this is not a good idea.

As for the Explorer tab, I can’t say I understand what you mean.

That’s how URL’s work. I fail to see how it could be a security issue. Unless of course, you include sensitive information in the URL?