Hide after date/time past

Hello there!
I’m making an event script and i have done the add and edit page for that but now i want to add a function to make an event disappear when it’s final date is reached. For ex:
I have this fields in the db:

  • EvID
  • EvName
  • EvImg
  • EvTxt
  • EvDateAdd
  • EvDateExpiry
  • EvAuthor
  • EvActive

EvDateAdd is the current date/how, the date/hour when the event is recorded in the database and i’m using NOW() in the sql query to get that.
Now, i need a way to add the date at EvDateExpiry for the expiration date.This (i suppose)can be made by a calendar but the problem on it (except that i don’t know how to integrate a calendar in it) cannot be add the time too in the same field. If i will do it with a calendar script, i should add a new field in the db EvHourExpiry, i suppose…ore you can give me any other idea.
…Ok…i suppose that i have made this changes in the admin area…now, how to make the event disappear when the date and time combination is reached?
P.S. EvActive is a check button that have 2 values: Yes(event is active and appear in the page) and NO (event is inactive and cannot be seen on the user page)

Thank you very much :wink: and hope that you will help me!

Okay… lets… take a breath.

Define ‘disappear’. Do you want the event just not to show up in your code? In your query? Or do you want to delete it from the database?

What defines when an event expires?