Hidden file in htdocs

I need someone help about xampp and dreamweaver to create a system,i have save my work to c:\Program File\xampp\htdocs\mywork.but unfortunately i can’t view the file (example index.php) in “mywork” folder…but if open dreamweaver and select File tab then choose Open, i can view and open the file. and it has a lock icon on the file. some help me…i really need to copy the file

If you really need to copy it why not just open it in DW and save as under a different file name. Or copy and paste and save it…?

The lock sounds like an apple issue. Have you right clicked…?

yes i have try right click…a can’t copy from Dw because is paste the fail will also not appear

I suggest asking here.

Adobe Forums: Forum: Dreamweaver

If it’s not a dw issue come back here and Ill try again.