Hi. I would like to ask some advice please. I want to market & sell my own products


I would like some advice please, I want to sell and market my own physical products online
I am new to building websites and marketing online
And I want to build my own full functioning business website from scratch.

What other books should I go for to cover all/ most of what I need to know?..

And I just bought :
How to build your website the right way.
Simply JavaScript
Online Marketing Inside Out
jQuery: Novice to Ninja
HTML5 & CSS3 for the Real World
Build Mobile Websites and Apps for Smart Devi…

Any help would be awesome !!!


Building websites, especially e-commerce sites is a daunting task. Not only do you need to design and build a website that attracts users, there are also international standards and security considerations to take into account.

Might I suggest the following?

  • also get a book about a server-side language (e.g. PHP). You’ll need this.
  • investigate existing e-commerce solutions (Magento etc). Don’t reinvent the wheel, especially if you’re new to the wheel and there are other people who have been working on the wheel for years and years :slight_smile:
  • get ready to spend a lot of time learning before you can actually turn out anything usable.
  • get a book about (web) security - if you’re going to be selling stuff online, it HAS to be safe and secure.

I don’t want to discourage you, but you should be aware that you’ve set yourself a gigantic target, one that’ll take some time to realize.

I think you should ask yourself what your real goal is.

Do you want to learn about website development so that you can create your own site? If so, then Immerse has given you good advice, and no doubt the other experts here will too.

Or is you real goal to develop your business and sell your product? If so, I would strongly advise you to hire an experienced e-commerce developer to do the site for you. After all, if your business was based on a traditional bricks-and-mortar store, you wouldn’t start by going on a brick-laying course.

Focus on what you’re good at (selling your product) and get someone else to do what they are good at. And if you don’t have the budget to hire an expert - well, perhaps you need to have a good hard look at your business plan.


Hi, thanks for all the input so far.
I don’t want to start with a e commerce site just yet, but that is one of my long term goals…
For starters,
SAy I would like to put up a site, selling about 10+ products. (All related to one another).
What material (sitepoint e-books) is essential to me putting up and maintaining a basic but professional looking website?
Thanks :slight_smile:

If you’re going to sell 10+ products, then it is an e-commerce site :wink:

But Mikl’s question is still valid. Learning how to design and build a site on which to sell stuff is a huge task. Buying a couple of books will only get you part way: you’ll be missing a huge chunk of experience and practice.

Again, ask yourself: do you want to be a trader, selling stuff on the web? Or do you want to be a website developer?

But if you want to sell products from a website, then you will need an e-commerce site. The point is that you will need a way of taking orders and accepting payment, which is basically what e-commerce is all about. (Unless you expect customers to order your products by phone or mail. Is that what you are planning?)


Hi guys
Like I said I’m new to this, but am willing to learn.
I would like to start up, taking orders by mail and later have an automated system responding to customers etc.
Later on have a cart system.

Than you should be fine with the books you have purchased. Those short term goals will not require any programming that an integrated ecommerce system would. However, when you do decide to build an actual store with integrated payment the static site will need to be completely rebuilt.

There are several good free e-commerce packages available which work properly. If you have a few years to spare you can build your own, but no sensible person would do that. When you got your first car, did you start by designing and building your own engine? Thought not. so why try something similar with your first web site (or your 21st one)?

Try Opencart.com or even mals-e.com
The former is a very easy to set up cart, and then you can get on with selling your products.
The latter enables you to add buy now links to your ordinary web site which then use mals cart to process the order.
I’ve used both for some of my clients - the latter would suit you nicely if you only have a few products to sell.
Both connect easily to a PayPal account, effectively giving you credit card processing.

If you struggle with either of these, you haven’t a hope in hades of building your own cart. I’ve been making web sites since 2002, I would never dream of building my own cart from scratch!

Being brutally frank helps sometimes.

In other words, you are going to learn to walk before you run. That can only be a good approach.

In that case, I take back what I said about hiring an expert to develop the site for you. If you are going to start with a simple site without any e-commerce element, then by all means have a shot at doing it yourself.

However, is your product the type of thing that people would expect to order by mail from website? We are all so used to buying stuff by clicking a few links and entering a credit card number, would your customers be prepared to go to the trouble of sending you a written order? You need to be sure of that before you go any further.


Moving this to the E-Commerce forum.

You may as well build an ecommerce website now rather than have to change it around later. Most buyers online want to buy there and then, if you are asking them to email you and arrange payment some other way it will put a lot of people off.
There are plenty of free ecommerce packages out there, I use OSCMax myself and have used OSCommerce and Cubecart in the past.
All, especially OSCMax are easy to use and have a good forum of helpful users for when you get stuck. :slight_smile:

Hi everybody. Thanks for all the input.
Will have a go at it with the products I ordered.
Have a great Festive Season - Regards mrr

You might consider amazon or ebay to get started with selling and build awareness of your products, learn customers, before building your site and spending time and money

Try out a mentoring service that walks you through the process. Pure-eCommerce.com is an amazing resource. Coding AND being an entrepreneur at the same time - that’s a full plate. Pick what you love and stick with it, get help with the rest. :slight_smile: