Hi, I want to embed an image in web page but

Hi, I want to embed an image in web page that it has a determianed area from img without javascript

Can you not use the <img> tag?

so what can I use? I dont need to use javascript

I think you’ll need to explain your situation more clearly. Normally, you would simply embed the image in the page using the <img> tag, as @Gandalf has said, and use CSS if required to adjust the dimensions.

If you need something more than that, you’ll have to provide more detail, as it’s not clear from your question.

I want to an image from a link to div tag. but I have to take a position from the image as a rectangle area shape. my teacher dont want to a javascript for this. I have to use div and css codes. ok. is it clear :slight_smile:

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OK, thank you. I think I understand you now. You are trying to create and image map, is that right? An area of the image acts as a link to the <div>.

What code do you have so far?

it isnt exactly.you think I have a turkey map ok. I want to add to div district of karabuk where is province of turkey, but dont crop the map. only use coordinate of this area and add to div as a background images.

In that case, you would use the image as a background image, and position it so that only the relevant section shows.

What code do you have so far?

thanks ı solve. Itry background-image and position it does. very tahnks yor interest. see you soon. vy the way were are you from?

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I’m glad you’ve found a solution.

I’m from Scotland.

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isnt any reason only worry :slight_smile: good afternoon.

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