Hi can any one send how to add a website to google webmaster tools?

hi can any one tell how to add a website to google webmaster tools?after adding where we will check whether added or not?
how to generate sitemap for any website?how to priority,time given for bot visiting?
how to create google analytics code?where we check?after that what we will do?
explain with screen shots or any clearly explaing video links?
please iam new to seo i have a site?so which one i do 1st above steps

As I told you in your other thread, you simply sign up for a webmaster account and follow the instructions to add a site. Log in to your account and you will see the “Add a site” button. You will know it’s been added because it will appear in your list of sites in your account.

Sorry, but there are two many basic questions there. It is not the purpose of a forum to teach you everything about SEO - or any other aspect of the web. I suggest you read Google’s basic guidelines - https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/35291?hl=en&ctx=cb&src=cb&cbid=1h0dcl2owc3c2&cbrank=0 - and download their Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide from the link on that page. Work your way through them, and then if you have any specific questions which have not been answered, please feel free to come back and ask again, but please do some basic research of your own first.

make an account on webmaster tool. go to fetch as google. submit your site there. it will show your site in a small window. if your site with crawling error, they will show them to you. Then submit your urls.