Hi again

I’m trying to use getURL() to download files, but the problem is that it doesn’t work.

It only loads the file on the current page.

This makes me sad. Please help!

I want that neat little “save as” function menu pop up so users can download it and stuff. Also it would be nice if I can default the save path to the desktop.

Thanks to Paul Ferrie for his past help. Hopefully someone, anyone, can help.

I will now trollin’ the sitepoints threads to see if I can offer any unqualified advice to give a little back to the community that got me going on my flash project.


(Hoping to hear from someone)…

Hey there,
Try using a more descriptive title for your threads so that when people pull up a list of unanswered ones they immediately know what it is that you are asking about. :slight_smile:

I just realized that I made a silly title… I was just being friendly in my “just-woke-up” state of existence…

Greetings, Galactic Overlord. I am a peon from zorg.