Hey this people are copying!


i am always try to avoid copy paste entire article of others. i only copy a part inside quotes if must require.

but i eventually found that big sites are copying others articles.
take this two. both have copied from AFP :blush::blush:


i thought ocpying was illega :rolleyes:

Still they do not have same heading, it is not a complete Cntr+C - Cntrl+v.

good technique :blush:
i use to do that for mostly youtube videos :rofl:

as you can see, they displayed the source:
on: http://www.adelaidenow.com.au - correspondents in Mogadishu AP

on arabnews.com: The day the music died: Somali Islamists ban songs

So, it means copying content is not illegal ?

only change the heading and all is well ??

no, that’s not what it means

how much do you know about the associated press?

While surfing net once I found a copy of my blog, but translated in French. Few posts are direct translation of my posts and some with little modification.
Many people are doing it I think.

afridy, copying content is ONLY illegal if you do it without permission or license to do so (which is what almost everyone does when they copy paste stuff). Members of the AP (Associated Press) are licensed to use stories reported to and by them across their websites, basically, they have permission to use those stories thereby it’s OK for them to do it… but if any of us copied it (and we weren’t AP registered), it would be unlawful to use it. :slight_smile:

I bet this must be the case then :slight_smile:

yes, but almost every one who copy paste others article use to do that (atlest at the bottom of the article (source : xxxx))


Wow thats great copy’s someone’s content and use it thats very good and Google doesn’t take any action against them