Hey Look Us Over! Web Content New Forums!

I am tickled pink! :vinnie:

We have remodeled Content for Your Site and renamed it “Web Content” to include items like Social Media, Photography, Interactive Content, and News.

Our line up:

Photographic Content (formerly Photography)
News for Your Site (New!)
Interactive Content(New!)
Content Reviews(moved from the Design Your Site Reviews area)
Web Writing(formerly Content Writing)
Social Media

If you wonder what we will discuss in all of these forums, be sure to read the stickies at the top of each forum (the ones that say, “Please read before posting…”) and the General Announcement posted over each forum (it’s the same one for all the forums!)

Hope to see you soon in the Web Content section of SitePoint!

Great work, Linda! It all looks fantastic. Hopefully these new forums will take off in a big way. As they say, “content is king”, so these topic areas should really feature strongly in a web design forum. I’m looking forward to watching them develop. :slight_smile:

Linda, you’re definately a star! it looks fantastic and I’m amazed how good it looks…

I think that I should hang around there just to know what you’ll be doing next… congratulations!

Thanks molona and ralph.m, but I really can’t take all the credit. I just did the ideas and the stickies, Hawk made it happen!

yep, congratulations Linda. You have worked hard to make it happen and I am sure this is going to pay off.

Making it happen was easy. You did the hard stuff. Nice work.

Nice Idea. I will defiantly be posting in it. Like writing. Kind of a generic post (lol), but wanted to give praise.

New forums, woot! I’m really excited about the content review section.

I love it!

Thanks for these links at the top very helpful info on these pages.

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Great news! Looking forward to using all the new features. Thanks for the hard work put into this site to improve it all the time. You guys rock!

Oh very good!

Great work, Linda! It all looks fantastic.