Hey everyone! Python n00b with a question regarding PyGoogleVoice

Good afternoon Sitepoint community! I recently have been utilizing Python for Twitter bots and it didn’t blow up on me, so I got lucky and found the PyGoogleVoice project. Surprisingly unlike everything else I’ve attempted installing in python, in O SX or my ubuntu server platform, it didn’t actually fight me on the install.

Surprisingly the setup was very simple and I succeeded in using it to send SMS. Naturally comes the part a marketer wants to make a massive SMS list and start promoting. The snag I’ve hit is it gives this example to send:

from googlevoice import Voice
from googlevoice.util import input

voice = Voice()

phoneNumber = input('Number to send message to: ')
text = input('Message text: ')

voice.send_sms(phoneNumber, text)

So At first my idiot theory was ok replace the “Number to send message to:” with the actual number and same with the message. Of coarse it did not but instead it turns out that is just the message it outputs promting me to enter the needed input myself.

Being that you can simply do this with gvoice in terminal once you’ve properly installed it and it’s in /usr/bin , I don’t get why exactly they would give me this script example and it not do that lol!

So I first did several queries in Google for user input couple other theorized options to proactively enter the message thus “Automating it” ROFL.

I obviously have no choice but to keep looking because this is quite powerful once I figure it out. But if you’d like to throw a n00b a bone, I’m all ears. 1st post thanks for having me :wink:

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