Hexa editor in javascript

I want to create a Hexa editor to show in web application. Is it possible to create in Javascript. Plz share any link for help.

Hi Abhinav_Parashar welcome to the forum

What exactly do you mean by “Hexa editor” I’'m sure you’re not talking genetics or chemistry. :wink:

Assuming you mean hexadecimal numbers, editing them in what way?

JavaScript has a fairly good set of native Math object methods (more than I’ll ever be able to understand and use to their full potential), so depending what it is you have in mind I imagine it can be done.

i want to create something like this.

TBH I can’t imagine there being much call for that (editing binary files that is). But developing it would be an interesting learning experience.

Anyway, a good place to begin is with parseInt

And Number toString

var bin2dec = parseInt("11111111", 2);
var hex2dec = parseInt("FF", 16);
var dec2bin = (255).toString(2);
var dec2hex = (255).toString(16);

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