Heroku + DNS Register + C9

Hypothetical here. I’m attempting to use C9 as my development environment (host all my files there) and then deploy it to Heroku. If I had a DNS register to get my domain name…would that be sufficient for a full website?

I’m not sure what you’re asking in terms of C9, but you can map your domain to yourappname.herokuapp.com using an ANAME.

I already have that.


I was just wondering if C9 can hold ALL my files/databases and Heroku to host. Then I’ll use godaddy or Hostgator or someting JUST to register the domain

Heroku holds your files when you deploy to them with Git. They will be on the Heroku servers, not C9’s.

You can do your development on C9.

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Yes I’m aware of that. Heroku will host them on their servers.

Then I’ll use bluehost/hostgator/godaddy or whatever to REGISTER my domain. Then CNAME to have my root directory point to Heroku.


That’s built on C9, deployed on Heroku, and then CNAME to have that directory point to the Heroku application. I want that site wide. Is that enough?

I have no idea what you are asking anymore :confused:

But I would probably look at it this way.
C9 - Development only…
Heroku - Production and Databases
Point the production domain at Heroku…

No idea if that helped or not :confused:

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