Hero Image Looks Odd - Older Browsers & Some Tablets

Good day/night.

I would appreciate some tips/ideas on how to make the top part of my landing page look consistent in older browsers and some mobile browsers (tablets and Android cell phones - landscape view):


Right now - in older browsers - the top two images (behind the Future in Technologies headline) are pushed to too far behind the top of the screen (you can’t see the top parts at all).

It looks fine on my computer, but my tablet shows this problem - as well as my cell phone in landscape view.

Thanks in advance.

Hello, AlexTechFlow.

I don’t think I see the problem that you are describing, or more likely, I can’t imagine what you actually expect to see in the browser window at varous widths (or on various devices, if the actual device matters rather than just the window width).

At desktop widths, the content looks impractically large to me. Nothing seems to be cut off at the top at narrower widths, although it is possible that you may be talking about the head-img-lrg.png being cut off at the right of the window at narrower widths.

Everything is so large and shifts so many times that it’s hard for me to tell what tastes good to you. :shifty:

You think all sections look too big?

I got this .psd file from my designer:

Are you suggesting the design needs adjustments? Or I could just fix my code a little bit and make the top section smaller?

How would you change the layout then?

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