Here we go: Fullsail

I’ve been searching the internet back and forth on users thoughts about full sail and online education in general. I’m fairly experienced in PHP/MySQL and various web languages, and web design is truly what I want to do. I currently take classes at a local community college, including one for PHP/MySQL and I know for fact he doesn’t even know the concept behind MVC or HMVC, and definitely doesn’t know about the current web tools (simplepie, mootools, cms’s like magento, popularity of wordpress, etc). So I assume I would learn a lot more at a school where my major is truly web design.

However I’ve heard some jobs don’t consider a degree from full sail as a real university degree, which would be my main issue, so my question to the sitepoint community is whether I should try and pursue this, or cave in and go to a regular college/university majoring in general computer science.

Any/All input about online schooling and it’s application in the real world is appreciated.

I worked for a few places and they said, “We get these out of college kids who know theory but don’t know how to do anything”. I think Full Sail would be fine, there is also Drexel and Pheonix online which appear to be good, Drexel is expensive though.

Your experience and portfolio outweigh what school you went to in my opinion.