Here Reasons for Blogging Anonymously

Hello thee digital pointers :slight_smile:

I have a question to you all experts masters genius bloggers to tell me If I could be successful blogging about diets, exercise, cooking, fashion using a penpal and not posting pictures of myself.

Thank you!

It sounds to me about as interesting as watching paint dry! :wink: That said I know many people follow such information enthusiastically.

The question is not whether you blog anonymously but whether you have anything new, interesting and useful to say. If all you’re going to do is regurgitate what has been said by others I’d forget it and find yourself a real job.

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yes exactly, not only new but something different, something that is not on the web already and is not repetive instead creative.

BUT I really dont feel comfortable exposing myself. aka name and my pics on the blog im interested in blogging about cooking, traveling on a budget but not general instead an specific niche of people who travel and another specific niche of people who enjoy cooking

Many book authors write under pseudo-name (some quite successful ones), so it can work, if you are writing something that people want to read.


right Sam but arent books and blogs different things? i get the point but not sure if it works same way

There are bloggers out there that don’t feel comfortable with posting pictures of themselves. It is harder to build trust when they don’t know you but that’s about it.

I think that as long as you’re honest with your information and provide something of interest, it shouldn’t be a problem.

It could work if the name was witty or creative. People sometimes appreciate that kind of thing. But as someone who has successfully freelanced by writing in those niches, people generally like to make a connection with the person giving them cooking, fitness, or fashion advice. You fair better off with a picture than without in my opinion.

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