Here are my top strategies to grow your subscriber list fast

I have struggled for quite a while to build my list up to a decent number of subscribers where it is actually at the point of it being profitable. It took me a few months before I had my first 100 subscribers.

Luckily I learned quite quickly and I have discovered some ways to build my list faster. I just wish I had known of these ways a few months ago.

I thought I would like to share my 2 top ways to build your list fast and free, especially for all the newer marketers here who doesn’t know this already.

Here are my quick suggestions:

  1. Enter every giveaway event that you can from the start. A giveaway event is an event where hundreds of internet marketers upload a free gift (requiring a signup) and hundreds or thousands of people sign up for this free event to download their free gifts. This will cause a steady drop of sign ups that are highly targeted. You can even make some extra money with one time offers. You can really leverage this method if you upgrade, where you can usually add 3 gifts and add one time offers.

  2. Once you have a seed list of at least 300 subscribers you can start leveraging this by doing ad swaps. This is probably the best way to generate loads of subscribers free and easily. The warriors forum’s JV section is a great place to look for ad swaps. For those of you who don’t know ad swaps is when you send an email to your list advertising another markerter’s site, usually a freebie that is given away for a sign up. In exchange he/she will do the same for you. You can do an adwap 2 times per week. As your list grows, you can do ad swaps with people with bigger lists. You can see how your list will grow exponentially this way.

Adswaps and giveaway events are really powerful ways to build your list, and if you haven’t tried it yet, I suggest you do. It really helped me alot.

Well, I hope that was helpful.

Please feel free to add your recommended ways to build a list quickly.

Joining giveaways can help you build your list. Just give a free ebook away and let other people download your product by entering their email address. However, I don’t consider building my list through giveaways, because you are just building a list of freebie-seekers.

He didn’t say those are new tips, he just said those are his top strategies.

Joining a giveaway will not give you access to the people who have entered the contest, hence will not help you to grow your list.

On the flip side, if you host a giveaway then you will have access to the emails submitted and could add those to your subscriber list.

I agree that giveaway events is really useful. We are going to plan a program on And we have doen this before. It is very useful.

Regarding 1, how do you find these give-away events? Specific links would be great. Thanks.

#1 doesn’t make any sense. How would you entering a giveaway event help you build your own email list? You’re not going to be privileged to the email addresses of the other people who signed up.

Signing up for a giveaway does not entitle you to their email address list? Doesn’t make sense to me.

I don’t think he’s talking about entering give aways to win things yourself, but to put something you have up to be given away (like a free whitepaper, audio or video etc…) in order to get signups to your own mailing list. I have no idea where you can find giveaways like this to be a part of - but I’ve seen many authors do this with newly published books to try to get to the top of Amazon when they’re released.

I think #2 is a great way to grow your list, and one of the best ways I know to grow a list is to take your free ebook or audio etc…promote it Google or elsewhere and get people to signup for your newsletter.

Take a look at the ad at the top of this page to see an good example of this.


some discount price website also give additional boost for the new website to earn more traffic. Specially if we are script/software sellers, we can give our script to discount price website and give away website. Usually give away website / discount price website will display our products only in one day. we can have 2 benefits if we use this method

  1. we can earn permanent backlink from their website
  2. we can earn profits / announcement promotions for our website

You enter a giveaway event and put a free gift up for grabs. To get your free gift people must opt in to your list. Thousands of people rush to this giveaway event in days and loads of people see your free offer and wants to download it. This means they sign up to your subscriber list and TA DA! Your list grows.

Frankly I don’t see something new here.people use this way to build subscriber list.
I give free ebook to build my subscriber list.
Sorry but I did not understood what is new in this tips?

Yeah, same here.

“my top strategies”???

shrugs shoulders Okay.