require_once ‘structures/datagrid.php’;
$datagrid=new Structures_DataGrid(2);
$sql=“select * from archives_user”;
connect: pdo;
what’s wrong this code?
How does I correct it?

You tell us. :wink:

Are there any error messages, does it do what you ask? If not, how not?

error messages :“Unknown DataSource driver. Please specify an existing driver.”
But I have “MDB2_Driver_mssql” .

…but you appear to be specifing PDO in your options array.

It does not work!

Again, why not?

Have you tried the example provided by the manual? Introduce the error checking it employs, it will help you narrow down the problem.

$options = array(‘dsn’ => ‘mssql://user:password@host/db_name’);
$test = $datagrid->bind(‘SELECT * FROM my_table’, $options);
if (PEAR::isError($test)) {
echo $test->getMessage();
Error message is Unknown DataSource driver,Please specify an existing driver.

Do you have the [fphp]MSSQL[/fphp] extension loaded?

Yes,I have already the mssql extension loaded!

Is it supported by the object you’re trying to use, in [URL=“”]the method that you’re using it?