Help WP NEWBIE Meta in Post?

Hello, Guys/Girls, I am hoping I can get some help here . I have been developing locally targeted sites in WP for local businesses. I build sites get them ranking then lease add space. I have a problem, I have spent two+ days trying to figure out . Maybe someone can provide some direction.

I use posts posing as pages in the way I design these sites and use the :connections reloaded theme, I would consult the author but he want $100.00 for email support if I had $100.00 I might be able to keep my electric on etc.
I have manged to strip all of the posted on, posted by etc from below my posts. However I have one nagging element I can not get rid of . There are no posts allowing comments however on every post (pseudo page) right below the post tile I get a small black box saying No Comments . I presume this is a meta box of some kind really don’t know. I need to remove this text to clean up the sites I am building. I dont know where to find the area to remove it not sure if its in one of the many theme php files or the theme css. Can anyone point me in the right direction I would be most grateful. I have a Halloween site published where you can see the text I am speaking about it is at the text I am referring to is right next to the text stating posted by admin or if I can post this tiny graphic it will serve as a better reference . The text I am referring to is at the end of the arrow, Thanks in advance to all who respond.

Also Please excuse my ignorance I am one of the 25% , that is unemployed since 2007after a very successful 15 year career. I managed folks that developed software and networks, I am now having to learn is exactly how to do what would be breeze for most of my x employees! I am now trying to learn how to make a get by living using the net . Your patience is appreciated. :rolleyes:

Try the steps that are described here:

kohutek, thanks for the quick response , however I had already tried that exact solution none of the settings apply as the referenced codes are not found in any of the php FILES … I am using Firebug to narrow the issue down but it specifies the following as the area to modify the problem I can add a new property/modify property using Firebug and add Display: None ; and it removes the "no Comment : display. However Firebug does not edit the file itself and also does not allow saves it is only temporary in the browser session . My real issue is I don’t know how to get to } about:…leSheet <System> I have not a clue what it is referring to if I did I would go into the backend WP and modify it. Thanks again for the quick suggestion

I am adding a bit more detail to my request from a Guru in WP , the following small shot is from Fire bug showing actions I can take to remove the " No Comment Box " using fire bug and the display : none, command. However Firebug only makes non persistent changes and I do not know what area of the theme etc this refers to I hope this clarifies my plight a bit better . If someone could point me to the area the graphic is refering to I would go in and manually take care of it . Thanks Again

Were you looking in the theme’s files? That code must be there.

The alternative to cleaning up the PHP file(s) is to find your way to the style sheet and add display: none.

.post-info br + a {display: none;}

This can go in the style.css file, located here:

Do you have these files on your own coputer? If not, you can view the files on your server, or perhaps access this style sheet through your WP admin area.

Yes I have the site both local and public. I will look at the stylesheet as you directed. Thanks for the direction . Interesting how halloweeenthing is wide open… Yikes

Do you mean the style sheets and all? That’s the case with all websites. :slight_smile:

Ralph, Much Thanks man . I followed your directions on my local test bed …less than two minutes shebang looks great . 3:AM going to bed was up until 8:30 AM trying to figure this bear out yesterday… I may be able to get it published and maybe pay part of my electric bill woo hoo! Thanks AGAIN

You’re welcome. Glad to be of help. Now, get some rest! :slight_smile: