Help with Wii Website Direction. Not having success

I’m still getting alot of traffic on my website <snip/>, but I have no idea where i’d like to go with it. it’s on first page for wiifit on, anyone know where I should go with it? and how can I make money out of it?

What does the site do? What are your goals for it?

the site does wii nintendo news, and I want to make money!

How do you want to make money? Display Ads? Affiliate Links? Product sales? Paid membership?

What value to offer people to come to your site vs the others on the market?

Business plan:
Stage 1: Collect Nintendo Wii news
Stage 2: ???
Stage 3: Profit!

Seriously, if that’s as far as you’ve got, you might as well be collecting underpants for all the good it will do you.

Creating a website doesn’t mean you will make money. Creating a really popular website doesn’t mean you will make money. For that, you need some kind of business strategy. You need to think about where your income stream is going to come from before you start building the website, because otherwise you’re building blind.

You can make money through ads, but it depends what kind of ROI you’re looking for. My primary website is getting about 60,000 visits a month, with non-intrusive ads on every content page, and is making about £120/month in Adsense revenue. What kind of traffic are you realistically hoping for? Would that level of income (scaled to the number of visitors) be enough or do you need to look at other avenues?

you are on the right track! Your next step is figuring out what the people coming to your site want. You do this buy testing products. become an amazon or clickbank affiliate. read some user comments and use trial and error. if u have no comments type in you keyword in Amazon and start with the most popular wii product they have. you will know when you find the right product. Eventually you will want to make more money buy creating your own product to sell you only get percentages with affiliate ads.<snip/>

How is the OP on the right track if they don’t have a business model or monetization plan?

What makes you think they would want to create a product or that it’s a good path… the gaming industry is not exactly hurting for additional small business product lines.

hes on the right track because he has 2 of the hardest things going. #1 on google and 2- traffic. His next step is to convert that traffic to $$$. How? Testing products and figuring out how to make them loyal traffic. What posts are they viewing the most? How long are they on the site? Are they coming back? Ex: if his most viewed post is about super mario then it would be wise to try a mario game first.
Once he has enough consistent traffic to analyze then he can worry about creating a product last. A product doesnt have to be a toy or a game. It could be VIP membership access to his site for $5.00 a month. Creating a product doesnt matter yet, figure out more details about the traffic first.

It depends on what keywords you are ranking for.

If the keywords are more of information keywords (for example how to ***), you might want to monetize your site with AdSense.

If the keywords are buying, you can search for related CPA offers, Clickbank products, Amazon products and more… The possibilities are endless.

If you are asking us your business goals then perhaps you are not serious about your business. If you just happen to have ranked on the first page for a certain keyword, you cannot base your business around that keyword. Because tomorrow you may wake up and see that keyword is gone. What would you do then?

First you should know what your goals are then you should choose the key words accordingly.

whats your goal???
and what you want to do with your website???
If say exactly, than I will give a exact reason on your question.