Help with time zones - convert and display

I want the site to recognize the users timezone and display it to the user

Then the user enters a meeting time in their local time zone and somehow the system converts time to utc and stores it - maybe we use timestamp?

A different user sees the time in their local time zone and registers

The problem is accurately 1. Recognizing the time and know whether the user is in daylight savings time and storing the data correctly in the correct offset (how to maintain that data - what if daylight savings or not?)

Then accurately offsetting to the different user in the different timezone.

Is there a server or central CDN that we send current time zone to and it correctly offsets to UTC?

I am trying to think through the steps of this problem and how it might look coded.

It could include multiple plugins or code snippets?

Any suggestions or thoughts appreciated!

Timestamps have no timezones, no locality, no daylight savings.

The local client will output Date(timestamp) as a local time by default.

There is though getTimezoneOffset that gives you the number of minutes ahead or behind of their local timezone.

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