Help with the website

Hey there, hope you guys are doing great. I want something done. Please check this out:

I want when a user click on any of the item, they can upload a logo of their choice in real-time. What would be the best approach to get that done? Thanks

I’d probably change the site so that sometime during the checkout phase, if it knows that one of the products sold has an option to upload a logo, the user is offered that chance. If they don’t upload one, it should warn them that they haven’t uploaded one, to make sure it’s intentional.

You could prompt the user when they add the product to their cart, but it doesn’t have to be at that point as long as it’s done sometime before checkout is completed.

Since you are using PHP I would recommend something with ajax. Try to do some research regarding building a checkout form that includes uploading an image. But I see you are using Shopify or the Shopify checkout engine. Anyways, I found this in shopify’s community forum from someone with the same issue, take a look.