Help with spacing/margins

I have a site here:

Need help with the main slider and the white gap above it and below it.
Looks like the margin in the container it is in is what is causing it, but I am having trouble targeting the one the slider is in specifically. I have gotten rid of the spacing, but it gets rid of the spacing in the other containers on the rest of the page as well.

Uhhmmmm. What slider? I don’t see a slider anywhere, nor do I see anything with excessive vertical white space…unless your definition of slider is different than mine, in which case, a screen shot would be appreciated.

Sorry I updated the original post. It’s created from Slider Revolution, it’s not really a slider right now, just static. But please see the screen shot above.

I don’t see the first bit of white space.

For the second, it’s the 35px padding-top on vc_column-inner. Since this 35px is used elsewhere you’ll need to create a rule changing the padding-top for vc_column-inner to something smaller. It looks as though 20px would do the job…

Can you screen shot me what you see please?

Here ya go. I’m using a Chrome derivative…

ok, the top spacing I can play with depending on the browser, I need to narrow that down. I guess the bottom spacing is the biggest issue.

I think you need to remove or rewrite the padding-top of this element “vc_column-inner”, if you don’t want padding at the bottom of slider

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