Help With Simple Rewrite Rule

Hi there

I am trying to write a rule for my site which removes the index.cfm part of the url…

So that “

Becomes Buckley”



My web hosts only allow me to use httpd.ini, and unsure of what rules to write to get this to function

Any assistance would be massive appreciated

Many thanks


Okay, there are a few things missing here!

First, if you’re asking for mod_rewrite help (as most are), then YOU create the links without index.cfm and mod_rewrite helps Apache determine that you want to serve the artist and artist name as part of the {REQUEST_URI} (your statement of the problem had that reversed).

Second, this is the Apache forum so httpd.ini is unknown. Are you using Apache? Do you have access to mod_rewrite at all (generally in the .htaccess text file in your DocumentRoot)?

Okay, much of this is in the tutorial linked in my signature - but, if you’re not using Apache, it’s irrelevant.

Finally, what you’ve shown as links would be (in the Apache world), using an Apache option called MultiViews (where the script to be served is in a directory portion of the request path - IMHO, an UGLY thing to do).

Answering a few of the above questions should help greatly getting you toward the answers you need.



Hi there,
I think i may have muddled up, I think it is isapi_rewrite that my hosts have installed not mod_write. I asked my host for more info, and they say they are running IIS not apache…

Yes I am trying to create the links without index.cfm and have the artist and artist name part served as part of the {REQUEST_URI}

Could you point me in the right direction to resolve the issue?

Many thanks


Our WinDoze guys say that the M$ version of mod_rewrite is “close enough for government work” to Apache’s original that you could just use Apache’s as a guide. Saying that, it’s the “Specificity” in preparing to write your code and the regex you use to find a match that really matters. See my signature’s tutorial for more information (then go find a host using a secure OS and good HTTP daemon! Just IMHO, you understand! :smiley: ).



Hi David, someone was able to assist me on the isapi forums…I really think i need to understand the regex though for future though, as want to write my own rules.

Will investigate your tutorial for more information

Thanks very much for your assistance