Help with school work - Questionnaire about stock content websites

Hey guys, I am student and need some help with my work on stock content websites. could you please spare a minute or two and fill out the questionnaire for me? Thank you in advance! Its just a few questions. Thanks!

I filled it out for you, but I’ll be honest, I almost didn’t because there were a couple which asked for multiple answers, some of which I didn’t have a good answer for you. So that may cause some people not to respond to you.,

hi dave, thanks a lot for your response. exactly which ones do you have in mind?

The three sources (yes, I know you said “if possible” but you’ll likely get some false positives there as people try to meet your request), and the four characteristics.

The question right before the characteristics question also should have a “N/A” if you don’t use subscription websites - just my opinion…

I also completed the questionnaire, but found the questions where you asked for a list of responses of a minimum length (eg at least 4 in one case) not too good for a survey. I would probably say something like “Give more than one response if applicable”.

I didn’t have 4 answers so I just ignored the instruction and gave my one response. But I can see where this would be a bit off-putting for some respondants.

Thank a lot to both of you!

Just filled it out now :slight_smile:

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