Help with renaming multiple files in different subdirs

Can anyone help me with a command for Linux (CentOS):
I have different directories, say:

Each directory has files of different extension.
I want a command wich I can run from 1 directory higher, to check al these subdirs for files with extension .zip for example and add a prefix to these filenames (for example “”). If the prefix “cyberbomb_” already exists, it should not be added… :slight_smile:

Does anyone have a 1-line solution for me ?

Thank you very much !

p.s. I hope this is in the right board, if not, please move me :slight_smile:

find . -name \*.zip -exec cp -n ‘{}’ cyberbomb_‘{}’\;

Thanks for the quick reply !
I get:
find: missing argument to `-exec’

Please don’t forget, I don’t want to do it in each subfolder, there are about 100 of these subfolders, I want to be able to run this from the root, but files to be renamed are in the different subdirs…

Cheers !! :smiley:

Anyone ???

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