Help with PrettyPhoto lightbox


I bought a template for a website which uses PrettyPhoto for the lightbox effect for the portfolio.

The problem is that, in the way PrettyPhoto is set up on the template, when I click on any of thumbnails in the portfolio the lightbox opens up and shows as slides the full size version of thumbnails that compose the portfolio.

What I need is to be able to click on one of thumbnails, for example “Business Cards” and be able to see in the lightbox all the images that belong to that section, not the other thumbnails.

Therefore for example we’ll have a series of subfolders within the “images” folder called “business_cards”, “flyers”, “postcards” and, once clicked on one of them, the lightbox should display all the pictures contained in that specific folder.

Please check the website as it is set now and you’ll see what I mean (please click PORTFOLIO from the main menu)

In other words I want prettyphoto just to load the slides relative to the thumbnail/project that the user is clicking on. Currently when I view how it is (in default)…it seems to say 1/26 What I’d like to do is have say 4 images (in prettyphoto) associated with each thumbnail. So when you click on Preview it will show 1/4, 2/4 etc – but only those images in relation to the project that has been selected.

Could please anyone help with this?