Help with positioning logo div

Doing my first site using more css.
I have a logo div that I’m trying to position towards the left side of the red header div, vertically centering on the red header div. I am trying to have the logo div height be taller than the header div, so that the logo extends some above and below the header div. It looks okay in (mac) firefox, safari and opera, but when I checked it out with (windows) explorer 6 the logo is just sitting at the top left of the page. I’ve been trying out stylemaster.
help please?

try moving the logo inside the header

	  <div id="header">
	  <div id="logo"></div><!--logo-->
	    <h1> St. Paul's Lutheran Church</h1>
		 <p> <em>OUR PURPOSE.
		 Proclaiming and serving Christ in the heartland and beyond.</em></p>

That fixed it! Thanks very much