Help with popup box with text


I’ve searched but can’t find anything good and easy.
What I want is that when you click on “View”, a box with text should pop up in the middle of the screen.

Any easy tutorials or anything for this.

As easy as possible.



Yeah, but how do I like get text instead of a picture?

In the example, they put an image inside an anchor. Just remove the <img> and put text in there instead. I assume you are talking about the example.

If you can’t get it working still, just post your example. We’ll tell you what to change (which is basically just replacing <img> with text) :).

<a href=“images/atvpopup/1.jpg” rel=“lightbox”>
<h1 class=“inledning”>View</h1></a>

Instead of the image I want text to pop up when you click on View.

Give me the full working example. Upload the copy online. I don’t know Jquery enough to just go off that small snippet :).

[FONT=Verdana]Floatbox has lots of options, including text/tooltip versions. Or if that doesn’t help, you can probably find something [URL=“”]here to do exactly what you want.

Edit: I knew I’d been playing about with one that does exactly what I think you’re after. Highslide has options for using HTML content within the pop-up box.

However, all these solutions are using JavaScript and you’ve posted in the CSS forum. Were you particularly looking for a CSS solution? If not, I can move the thread to a more appropriate forum. :)[/FONT]


Ill try to use Floatbox when I have time enough to read through the “tutorial”, it seems so confusing.

@ryan - I think I’ll give floatbox a try instead. Thanks anyway. :slight_smile: