Help with php ajax and datatables


I am using datatables directly into my application and just dump the data into the and it was all working fine i.e searching the table and pagination (which datatables takes care of itself). Though this setup was working great when amount of data was small, but now as the data has grown, it takes time to load the data first from database and then put into the which has drastically increased load time.

I checked that datatable allows to load data via ajax etc and lets you do pagination and searching also, can anyone share a simple example about this ??? I just want to display, paginate and search via ajax.


simple examples can be found in the DataTables manual: and

You must be loading all the data at initial page load instead of loading only the page one content. Hence it might be taking too long to show up. Datatables library has support for pagination using ajax. Here are few examples, threads that may help:

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