Help with online quiz

Hello guys, could someone help me with the online quiz? I have no idea how to start…I have to use javascript, jquery and css file. I dont understand programming :frowning: Mia

The quiz should consist of at least 6 questions.
The questions should require a mix of at least three different types of answers, e.g. multiple choice (one correct answer), select all correct answers, numerical, true/false, embedded answers.
There should be a hint available on demand for most questions. The hint is not shown when the question is initially shown but can be shown on demand. You can choose how to implement this.
The questions should be displayed one question to one page. The user should be able to navigate between the questions.
You can use local storage to store the answers provided by the user.
The user should be made aware of any unanswered questions before the user completes the quiz.
After the user has completed the quiz a feedback page should provide a summary of all answers given, their correctness and an overall score. Then the user should be asked whether they want to take the quiz again.

Hi Mia,

We are here to help with programming/html/css problems but we are not here to create applications from scratch for you.

I assume that this is some sort of homework/course work which you should be carrying out related to your course and therefore you should make a stab at this yourself and then when you get stuck you show us your code and we point you in the right direction. I can’t believe you would be set a task that has nothing to do with the course you are taking?

If this is not course work or home work then please explain why you need to this? If it is for charity or a good cause then some kind soul may step in and help.

If you wish to learn HTM, CSS and JavaScript then you will find plenty of resources on Sitepoint to do that. We will then be glad to help once you have taken the first steps.

Thanks Paul.