Help with Navbar and a div box placing

Hi All,

Doing my first freebie site for a mate to help with my portfolio as I am just starting out and am still very green. He has asked me to him him a site for his personal training. It is going well at the moment and is driven with just css and html (just started with Javascript so not to hot on that yet.

My problem is as such;

The site is set up with a left Navbar and right Navbar. Both of them stretch to about a ¼ of the page. I want to put a second box on the right side of the page under the right Navbar just to display a “book your course now call xxx xxxxxxx” on a grey box. For the lif of me I can figure ot how to place such a div/box with out running into the existing right navbar. Any help is a appreciated.

Can anyone help me at all?

Is there no reason why you can’t put the second box inside the right hand side navbar? That’s how I would do it :slight_smile:

Oh, what is the standard if you don’t mind me asking? I’m reading from a sitepoint book on HTML & CSS and that is how it has shown me to position the elements on the web site in the book…

Not sure I’d recommend the absolute positioning, but I can’t say anything specific unless the poster will post either his code (good) or a link to the actual site (better).

As Black Max said, we really need to see code or a link to the website.
@BeeB - usually you would use floats with padding etc.

I’m probably about the same skill level as you, so I’ll just tell you what I’m learning to do.

Make sure you are using absolute positioning. Put red or a color that really sticks out borders around all of you’re elements, and with absolute positioning you can position those boxes exactly where you want them. The border makes this a little easier to understand exactly what you are doing. And when you have it perfect you can comment them out in case you need them later.