Help With Java GUI Please


I’m new to Java and I’m working on my first major application. For what I’m trying to achieve, I don’t care if I hard code it or drag and drop it from Swing toolbox.

I would like a layout that looks like this (I hope this looks right):

| File  Exit  View                                  
|         |                                              
| AP      |           Load Here              
|         |                                              
| AR      |                                              
|         |                                              
| TC      |                                              
|         |                                              

When the app loads, the “Load Here” area is blank. If you click on AP, the AP class is instantiated and in turn calls a GUI class that builds the “panel” or “form” or what ever else it might be called where “Load Here” appears. If you click on AR, the “panel” or “form” or what ever else it might be called would load where “Load Here” appears and what ever was there goes away (setvisible=false, deconstruct or kill the class how ever you accomplish it). AP, AR and TC can be buttons, that’s fine.

ANY suggestions/tips/hints regarding how to do this would be greatly appreciated!!!

I’m unable to use Spring, Hibernate or any other frame work.