Help with Image Tracing in Ai

Not sure where my company got this logo, but they’ve had it for years and years.

OGS Logo

There is no vector image of it. I’m a photoshop guy and I know a little Ai. I tried doing the image trace option and it didn’t work too well, very jaggedy. I know it’s not the greatest of images, but I have no other options.

Would this be something that you Ai guys would just whip out the pen tool and trace around it, I’m not very proficient at it, and would have to spend a decent amount of time learning it. Or perhaps I didn’t use the image trace tool properly?



I’m not the most proficient of AI users but Looks like you can get away without using curves so the pen tool won’t take up too much time. Plus, the pen tool is an absolute must to know if you have Illustrator even installed.


Hi Bades,
Rebuilding the logo with filled and cut out circles for the left part, and new smooth letters for the right part is faster then drawing with the pencil. :slight_smile:
But do you mean something like this? (the 1.523px * 209px will be to large for the web; you can downscale it to fit your needs)


I think this logo can be done using auto trace function in AI… wacth this tuts,