Help with IE issues please

Not 100% sure if it’s just IE or maybe sloppy code? The page’s output html is too long to post here, so you’ll have to view source.

Here is a link to the page so you can see it in both firefox and IE:

It’s all table styling issues, I don’t use tables too often so maybe something I’m doing is not good in IE. If needed I can post a piece of the code, just maybe that opening table statement and one row from it and the close. Any help much appreciated. :tup:

Hi, first of all, that page is a cmplete nightmare to debug. Move all the inline styles to external CSS files, don’t use empty <td>'s in taht table, and don’t set inline widths in the HTML (aka width=2), etc, and then, and only then can we start debugging :slight_smile: (the CSS beng moved isn’t that crucial, but the <td> issues are)