Help with getting CodePen code to work

I exported this, to test:

and then changed the folder named to /IVS/, uploaded it and tried to access it online via:


it shows the html page, but doesn’t show camera view and several fields are inaccessible to populate.

What do I need to tweek to test this?

i look forward to your guidance, thanks

If publicly accessible, put the full URL in backticks (`) so we can actually look at the page?

If you’ve blocked access to the webcam and microphone in your browser, those settings will obviously be unavailable to select.

Thanks for your reply.

I meant the page where you’re actually having the problem.

Showing us the page where it works doesnt tell us anything :wink:

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Hi @ChrisjChrisj, the src/index.html file doesn’t actually include the JS; try uploading from the dist/ folder instead, or simply add the following line to the bottom of the body:

<script src="./script.js"></script>
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