Help with Forms Landing Page


My site is on and I use their SiteDeluxe builder. It has a forms option. I am preparing for a book launch and we are going to have a giveaway page people can go to after they purchase a book on amazon. All they have to do is plug in their email, name and the Amazon order #. I want the form to do two things, send me an email with their info so I can add it to my subscriber list and then send them to the page where they can download their free e-gifts. Here is the existing link to the page with the form
The form is working. It takes the person who entered to a thank you page (which I did not set up). I can change the thank you message on that page and have done that.

In the form set up mode it has an option that says: HTML mode: Edit the form tag in HTML mode. This is an advanced setting that should only be changed if you are familiar with form tag options. If I click on that button it takes me to a page that says Hidden fields: Add hidden fields that are not displayed on the page, but whose values are submitted with the form. Below this message are two slots, one where I can enter a name and value. I don’t know if I need to do something with this or not.

Below the HTML mode option is another option that says: Submit responses to a url. Select your own method for processing the form submittals. Then it gives me the option of Get or Post. Right now it is on Get.Below that it says Action: Enter a url that will receive the responses. Here I entered This is the free gift page I created that I want them to go to after they submit the form.

But when they submit the form now, they are sent to the thank you page that has no link to the free gift page. Not sure what I need to do differently to send them to the free page download. Thanks for you input.

Hi TeeStew. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

Hm, it’s hard to answer this, as it’s really a question about proprietary software rather than a coding question per se. It might be worth asking the company itself how to do this on their system.

An alternative might be to use something like CampaignMonitor, which gives you a form to put on your site, allows you easily to set a landing page, and from which you can send newsletters etc. to subscribers.

I already tried their tech support and got the standard answer…we don’t help with those kinds of issues. I will check into campaign manager and see if that might offer a solution.

Excuse me. I meant campaign monitor. But I see that’s more related to ezines. Actually, I just went back in and figured it out. I had to put the url in a different option and select an option I’d missed. It directed me to the gift page. Sometimes it helps to sleep on it I guess.

Cool. glad you got it sorted. :slight_smile: