Help with European Characters

Hello Masters !

Hope every one is fine !

Well, I have a requirement to process the EUROPEAN Characters in a text area, and then store them in the database, retrieve them, put them in CSV etc etc.

What I want is to get some suggestions / guide / help in order to setup the pages/form and database to be capable of handling EUROPEAN characters.

Also, I want to send the email where this CSV file will be attached.

Now, please suggest be what DOCTYPE / META etc I need to use PLUS what I have to do in the database to make them accept the special characters?

Please help !



UTF-8 would be a good choice of encoding. Just make sure it’s consistent everywhere you touch the text.

Thanks on all the pages I have this.

Now what about the PHP form processing script ? How to make that UTF8 ?
Also what setting i should make on the columns etc for UTF8 ?

You don’t want to do anything in your PHP script. You shouldn’t touch the text at all, aside from mysql_real_escape_string, just put it straight into your database.

Set the database connection and the database tables’ encodings to utf8. You don’t need to specify the encoding of every individual column if they’re all the same. When you display the text on a webpage, set the content-type to utf8.