Help with CS-Cart and myVirtualMerchant

HELP! :slight_smile: Okay, I have installed CS-Cart and myVirtualMerchant - checked and double checked all the settings. I’m hoping that someone else may be able to see something I’m missing.

There seems to be a bug in CS-cart’s myVirtualMerchant gateway – you know the typical – its not us its them.

I’ve finally confirmed its not the gateway or settings and it the cart still gets stuck on the gateway page with no feedback - just a blank page.

It seems like it is a bug in CS-Cart, has anyone come across the same issue?

Thanks in advance.


No, but I know your team is great and there are perfect developers too…
I don’t know why but I’d prefer alternative service at this situation. Thank you

@csteve, did your contact with our team before contacting an alternative company?

this u?

Yes, that’s me – why?


Thank you for your inquiry. Actually, the integration should work fine and was tested carefully. I’d advice you to create a support ticket in our Help Desk system, we will examine the issue and see what exactly is wrong (there may be different reasons).

Would such an option work for you?

Thanks for the reply. I’ve used CS-Cart for years, it is a nice piece of software, reasonably priced.

I’ve set the cart up carefully but there is a BUG in the software. But I’ve recommended this product to a client and it isn’t working as you’ve promoted. It says, myVirtualMerchant should work with the system but it doesn’t! I’ve double checked all the settings, I’ve installed it on another shopping cart with the same settings and it works. It is not our system, settings or server. It is not working in CS-CART as you’ve listed it as working with CS-Cart.

How do we get this working?

Dear Vanessa,

Many thanks for you further comments. I’ve checked with our support department and advice you to refer to the latest response from our support engineer within your Help Desk account. I can not quote it here due to a privacy, however, please note which settings should be corrected on the payment gateway side in order to make the cart work with it and exchange the data.

Please, feel free to contact us further or PM me in case you need any help.

Kind regards,

Thanks for following up –

Happy to report some good news hopefully others who have similar problems can avoid the frustration I’ve experienced over the past week and a half.

First I found four bugs in the CS-Cart payment gateway script located here: payments/virtual_merchant.php

First thing to do is include this info
$post_data[‘ssl_show_form’] = “true”;
after this code:
$post_data[‘ssl_ship_to_zip’] = $order_info[‘s_zipcode’];

so you are able to trouble shoot and get the error codes from myVirtualMerchant.

The four bugs I found were:

 $post_data['ssl_transaction_type'] = 'SALE'; 

should be

$post_data['ssl_transaction_type'] = 'ccSALE';
$post_data['ssl_cvv2'] = 'present'; 

should be

 $post_data['ssl_cvv2cvc2_indicator'] = 'present';
$post_data['ssl_test_mode'] = $processor_data['params']['mode'] == 'test' ? 'TRUE' : ''; 

should be

$post_data['ssl_test_mode'] = $processor_data['params']['mode'] == 'test' ? 'TRUE' : 'FALSE';

This field should not be empty when returned – it should be “FALSE”.

$post_data['ssl_exp_date'] = $order_info['payment_info']['expiry_month'] . '/' . $order_info['payment_info']['expiry_year']; 

should be

$post_data['ssl_exp_date'] = $order_info['payment_info']['expiry_month'] . '' . $order_info['payment_info']['expiry_year'];

The expiration field does not have a forward slash in the system – so that has to be removed.

I think that covers it although the system is not working totally as expected because to work you have to have the show form = true – otherwise you get a blank screen. I suspect is has something to do with not passing the right “hidden” variables to the system so I’m going to read the developers manual to see if I can figure it out.

Hope this helps someone else who has a client using myVirtualMerchant.



Oh, I had the same problem! And I could not resolve it. Simply I had contact with alternative development team at:
and they make all necessary changes in my store. I’m not web developer, but they are.
good luck