Help with changing webhost


I would like your advice on the steps to change the webhost. I am having my website registered with actnowdomains (related with godaddy)and am using their website builder. Now I have recreated the webpages with another people, but am staying with actnowdomains for the domain name registration. Also I am having adsense and other CPC ads runnning.

Would appreciate the steps needed so that there are no google crawling errors. Anything to do with Adsense code in the process of moving.


If the website structure (folders/pages/etc) and pagenames are exactly the same on both servers, then all you need to do is change the nameservers with Actnowdomainsto point to your new server.

If the structure or filenames are different then the process is a lot more involved and would mean 301 redirects and such like - but it really depends on how you have set up each server.

It looks to me you are not changing hosts but changing the design and web pages. In this case, you can just upload the new files and delete the old ones. Simple transition there.

Thanks for all replies. I am changing host.

If the would be host is having page files ending in .php instead of the files in .html, I think google would not find those pages until the next crawl. So Is it going to be a problem ? Is there any work around for that ?

Will google degrade my site in searches ?