Help with Bootstrap and YAMM (mega menus)

Please see this link:

I’m building this for a client, but the design came from a third party. What they want is your typical “hamburger menu” that toggles the drop-down mega menu. But this is a bit different from what I’ve typically seen, in which the hamburger menu only appears on smaller screens. They want the hamburger menu visible at all times and the main navigation visible ONLY when the menu icon is clicked, even on large screens.

I’ve plugged in YAMM (Yet Another Mega Menu), and it seems to be doing its part in that the expanded/mega menu looks like the client (or, more accurately, the designer) wants it to look. But I don’t want the word “Menu” to appear at all, and I want to open and close the menu by clicking on the menu icon, not the “Menu” text link. You can see that, if you click on the menu icon, the menu text link just blinks. If you click on the menu text link, the menu opens. If you’re on a smaller screen, clicking on the menu icon will open the “Menu” text link, which you then have to click to expand the mega menu. Obviously lame.

When I try to put the menu icon in place of the “Menu” text, it opens and closes the mega menu on larger screens, but on smaller screens it just vanishes and there’s no way to expand the menu.

How do I work around this? I would greatly appreciate any help. Thanks!

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