Help with 2 images auto refreshing

Basically I have 2 cameras taking pictures every minute and uploading them to a website every minute. I want just the images only to auto refresh every minute. I have this code in there and it works for one image but how do i add a second. The second picture is right beside the first one on same page. The second image is camera2 and also has width 49%. I left that out for someone to help fill in what it should look like.

Thank you!


<img src="webcam/camera1.jpg" width="49%" name="refresh">

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript"> 
  var t = 60 // interval in seconds 
  image = "webcam/camera1.jpg" //name of the image 
  function Start() { 
  tmp = new Date(); 
  tmp = "?"+tmp.getTime() 
  document.images["refresh"].src = image+tmp 
  setTimeout("Start()", t*1000) 
  // --> 

can anyone help? please!

try this, I just discovered the same thing today

I take it the visiongs should come out of the code or does it need to be there? If it comes out then what do you replace it with if anything?


just put the image source in the IMG src= line after the </SCRIPT> line
in place of ‘cam1.jpg’

Ok Thanks! I will give it a try this weekend when i get a chance to play with it.