Help , While anylysing Website

I used tool to get the report of my website. According to it length of keywords and meta description in zero. I verified my site is not having any robot tag. Please help me

If the tool isn’t working, don’t use it! There are many analytics tools out there, and if the one that you’ve got is giving you incorrect results, get rid of it and use another.

I think it’s more the problem that they haven’t registered all possible misspellings of their name… :rolleyes:

Just don’t use the tool, many of these tools are not accurate and have bugs in them maybe they didn’t take in consideration the tag is upper case or lower case,
btw the url is not actually working for me. maybe the site is down

I google search results it is giving me the same meta description as given to it. But by tool its giving zero length of meta description and keywords. My website is

The meta keywords tag is largely irrelevant, as Google ignores it anyway.

You can check whether the meta description tag is working properly, but doing a search for your website. If the snippet is taken from the meta description, it’s fine. If it isn’t, try doing a few more searches for different words and phrases that are included in the description. If the description never appears then there may be a problem with it.