Help! Which Smalltalk version

Hello, I am interested in learning Smalltalk. But there are so many versions I don’t know which is the best one to learn. I need advice for the best and most current version to learn that has enough support. Please let me know, thank you very much for your help.

Why smalltalk?

Because I heard its the easiest programming language to learn. Does a lot of things with a lot less code.

It’s a language developed to be a teaching language, like Pascal was.

I suppose, with my super-limited knowledge of Smalltalk, I’d recommend you check out Squeak… I say this because it’s actively being developed, meaning there’s likely an active community around it.

When choosing a language to learn, the community around it is pretty important, for support, added learning, etc.

Yes I had heard that about Squeak thanks, wonder if others concur that is the best smalltalk one to try to learn.

You’re probably not going to find anyone around here. I’d go snooping through ST/squeak mailing lists to see what people are saying about it.