HELP - What are these scripts?

am working on a social network site, that requires a few helpers ( I think thats what they are called ) however when I search google for jquery helpers, it comes up with nothing what am looking for.

basically, am looking to get something similar to this

Basically its just a few popup helpers to show a little more details both on

  1. Mouse over
  2. on click
  3. As the 2nd url, show advise or tips on signup form options

Are these jquery or javascript or simply CSS ???

pls advise and how I can go about it

many thanks


Hi there,

These are called ‘tooltips’
If you Google jQuery tootips, you find plenty of sites like [URL=“”]this one that should point you in the right direction.

Of course, you don’t need jquery to do this and Googling JavaScript tooltips works just as well.
Or even CSS tooltips

Personally I have used Walter Zorn’s DHTML tooltips a lot and although not wonderfully aesthetically pleasing, they are very functional.

If you have any questions about the implementation of any of this, let me know.

Edit: re. your second screenshot, see here:

thank you.

This is very helpful