Help visual viewport

Am have problem with there

We cannot help you without more information. We need to know what is wrong and what is the desired result.
We cannot diagnose the cause of any problem from a picture. We need to see code, either a live page, code pasted here or an example in Codepen or similar.

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Looks like you set the viewport meta tag but didn’t adjust your design to suit mobile.

As Sam said we can only guess at this point without something concrete to work with.

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Sam go to this site with mobile WEBSITE
Send me PM go give you code site script

You are using this viewport meta tag

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width">

The standard one to use is like this:-

<meta name=viewport content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">

But the site’s css desing is not responsive, or is there a separate mobile version?

You’ve done what I said in my first post and added a meta viewport tag but you have not coded the site for mobile. :smile:

You should remove the meta viewport tag for now and allow the mobile to shrink the site to fit although it will be extremely small as you seem to have designed for 1900px fixed width only!

If you want a site to fit on mobile properly then you have to actively build it with that intention in mind which for your site would probably mean starting again as you have used a lot of outdated and unmanageable positioning techniques.

For example if you have an element that has margin-left:1250px then you know that the page can never be smaller than that margin. You need to avoid magic numbers in css and elements should fit naturally from one another without resorting to unusually large margins to place them.

To suit mobile you need to create fluid sites that fit whatever viewport they reside in and then tidy up the details with media queries. This does not happen by accident and needs careful planning.

We can help with the methodology but you will need to do the heavy lifting.:slight_smile:


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