Help Victims of the QLD Floods and Grab a Great Deal

You may have seen the devastating news regarding the significant flooding which has occurred in many areas of Queensland during late December 2010 and early January 2011. Three quarters of the state was declared a disaster zone with hundreds of thousands affected.

We want to do something to help our fellow countrymen and many of you have asked us how you can help.

This is your chance to help the flood victims while saving 80% on 3 of our best titles:

-Digital bundle of “Build your own Website the Right Way Using HTML & CSS, 2nd Ed. “
-Digital bundle of “The Principles of Beautiful Web Design, 2nd Ed.”
-Digital bundle of “Build your own Wicked WordPress Themes”

For the next three days only, you can grab one of these for $9 OR all three for $18.

Not only do you get to snap up a bargain, but 100% of the proceeds from this fundraiser
will be donated to The Premiers Disaster Relief Appeal

Thanks for your support,

The SitePoint crew.

This is very generous of SitePoint. You guys are helping everyone. Thank you! :slight_smile: I got the whole package. I hope many others will do the same so the money can help more people.

Thanks a lot for your generous help. May god help the Australian people.

Hay heeso here, its a great help of the Australian flood victim people.May GOD help those who are facing this problem.You guys are doing a great job.God will reward you for this act .