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I’ve recently started a template search directory to help people along with finding the perfect design for their website. The site runs off wordpress and I think thats where it has faults the search doesn’t seem accurate enough and I’m looking for suggestions on how to make the overall site easier to use such as navigation, search more accurate, how to get people engaged and submit designs.

Please give us an honest evaluation of our site and we will take all feedback and try to improve the resource for our visitors!

Overall your site looks good :smile:

In your navigation bar the the “designer” tab is a little confusing. Maybe renaming that tab, so people know what it is.

I think it would be thoughtful and helpful, to have a drop-down tab that is more search specific.

So what I mean is having a tab for just “HTML5 Templates” and “WP Themes” . It’s a little friendlier to the user, other than that search seems to work okay.

One thing to mention, I search “joomla” nothing returned, but when I searched “Joomla templates” it returned a search. Something to consider.

Otherwise good work!

Thanks @lauren_olsen17 for your suggestions. I have changed the “designer tab” to “Submit Designs” I’m looking into the best way to add categories to the site without making it feel cluttered. I have added two new tabs Website Builder and Wordpress themes since those are mostly whats featured on the site so far.

One thing I would like to have suggestions on is how to better engage the user. This has been something I have struggled with in the Template Site category. I thought about adding a discussion system that worked off social media. Any suggestions?

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