Help Text stand out over Simple Web Image?

I have a simple (very simple) graphic to go in a web page menu. I want to use HTML text over the top of it but because of the nature of the illustration, the text doesn’t work too well. I’d rather have no illustration and clear text but this site is for a teaching/training thing and I like the idea of using bits of stationary. My idea is to use an illustration to represent a lever arch file. Like this:

I know that it is all very simple and I’m open to suggestions regarding anything but what tricks would a proper illustrator use in this sort of situation? I can’t get ahead of myself in terms of complexity otherwise I won’t be able to keep up with any other graphical elements of the page. I’m not looking for photorealism here but then I don’t want it to look like a back-bedroom affair either (even thought it is).

Sorry about the green and yellow by the way but this is just the stage I got to in an endless number of permutations!